Whiteland Warrior Junior Football League

Coaches Application - 2021


Welcome to the (2021) WWJFL Coaches Application!

In this session, you will be asked information which will be used to conduct a background screening by the National Center for Safety Initiatives, LLC (NCSI).

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.

This registration requires a person to enter an accurate US Address.


The primary goal of the Head and Assistant Coach is to provide a positive learning environment so the players return to play football the following year. Coaches will attend a minimum of one Offensive and one Defensive Clinic in addition to Allocation and Coaches Certification night (Mandatory via Indiana Law SEA 222).


Attend pre-season coaches development sessions

  • Attend the annual “Certification & Safety ” League meeting prior to the start of practice
  • Participate in Pre-Season Equipment Fitting and Skills Evaluation 
  • Attend pre-season player development camps hosted by WWHS staff
  • Consult with coaches from Whiteland High School concerning
    • Drills for youth players
    • Terminology position & play naming


Organize and prepare practice plans, in advance of practice

  • Ensure player equipment is properly fitted & well maintained
  • Build player Self-confidence by teaching football in simple terms from basics to advanced
  • Plan & execute player rotation during games, per league rules.
  • Coordinate all game day help with Team Parents/Parent Volunteers (i.e. time clock, Chains etc.)
  • Report All Game Scores Immediately after your game


Please direct questions to:

Ziggy Meluskey

Phone: (317) 407-2423