Whiteland Warrior Junior Football League

Coaches Application - 2020


Welcome to the Coaches Application (2020) with Whiteland Warrior Junior Football League!

In this session, you will be asked information which will be used to conduct a background screening by the National Center for Safety Initiatives, LLC (NCSI), dba Southeastern Security Consultants Inc (SSCI). Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.


The primary goal of the Head and Assistant Coach is to provide a positive learning environment so the players return to play football the following year. Coaches will attend a minimum of one Offensive and one Defensive Clinic in addition to Allocation and Coaches Certification night (Mandatory via Indiana Law SEA 222).


Attend pre-season coaches development sessions

  • Attend the annual “Certification & Safety ” League meeting prior to the start of practice
  • Participate in Pre-Season Equipment Fitting and Skills Evaluation 
  • Attend pre-season player development camps hosted by WWHS staff
  • Consult with coaches from Whiteland High School concerning
    • Drills for youth players
    • Terminology position & play naming


Organize and prepare practice plans, in advance of practice

  • Ensure player equipment is properly fitted & well maintained
  • Build player Self-confidence by teaching football in simple terms from basics to advanced
  • Plan & execute player rotation during games, per league rules.
  • Coordinate all game day help with Team Parents/Parent Volunteers (i.e. time clock, Chains etc.)
  • Report All Game Scores Immediately after your game


Please direct questions to:

Ziggy Meluskey

Phone: (317) 407-2423